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FINNs editor and creator, Jemah Finn. (design: Rhiannon Van Eck)



FINNs editor and creator, Jemah Finn, currently studies both Journalism and International Relations at the University of South Australia. Ultimately, Jemah would love to pursue a career as a music journalist on radio or a foreign correspondent.

Her passions are primarily music, travel, sport, volunteering and anything ocean related.  She grew up along the Great Ocean Road and that’s where she developed a passion for surf, travel and music.

She has dreamt of being a journalist since she was five years old, and her mum has the ‘news bulletin’ videos of five year old Jemah to prove it!

With a passion for writing, Jemah started this website as a way of sharing interviews, travel stories and current events with the public.

Aside from FINNs, Jemah also writes for the blogs ‘The Adelaidian’ where she has attended and reviewed events like CATS the musical, and also ‘YEWTH Mag’, where she has written about upcoming events in Adelaide.

Jemah has also been a guest selector on Triple J’s ‘Good Nights’ program multiple times and has hosted her own radio show for her University.

“My favourite thing about having this magazine is getting to go to gigs and interview the musicians. It is so interesting to see a different side to the musicians and then to go and write about it to share with my friends and other music lovers”.

Jemah intends for this magazine to grow and can’t wait to see where it ends up!

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