Hire me: pretty please!

Hey there, nice to meet you.

My name is Jemah and below is a highlights reel of some of my recent works.

As a busy freelance journalist and media person, this really just skims the surface of my work history. I can fill in the blanks in my (fingers crossed) upcoming interview with you!

I am currently an Emerging Creative Producer at Carclew and an Artist in Residence at The Mill. I produced a sell-out Fringe event (Backyard Picnic) and am now directing and producing a feature documentary called The Silent Community. I was very lucky to receive a $30,000 grant to create my documentary (a testament to my application writing skills). At The Mill, I am honing my talents as a photographer, director, producer and writer.

I’ve worked in corporate roles, like reporting at Seven News Adelaide and videography for the South Australian Sports Medicine Association. I was a music journo for years and actually the founder and editor of this website (finnsmag.com). I’ve interviewed everyone from Violent Soho and Pond to Allday and Client Liaison. This role also allowed me to do social media for festivals like Splendour in the Grass, Womadelaide, Groovin’ the Moo and more. I also had the chance to manage 13 staff and even produce my own music events at Jive with Swirl Records as well as releasing a print mag. Feel free to explore this page. Scan the QR code to visit the Finns Mag Instagram too. It’s been dormant since I ceased publication, but you’ll get the drift.


I just finished up my second year as a Box Office Coordinator on a full-time five month contract with the Adelaide Fringe Festival. This role lends itself to many aspects of creative producing. I was responsible for maintaining and building relationships with various stakeholders as well as managing a large ppol of staff (73 people to be specific). Everything from basic graphic design and copy writing to HR and team management based jobs was within my scope. As a part of my Carclew Sharehouse Residencey, I was also a Honeypot Delegate with The Adelaide Fringe which helped broaden my understanding of creative producing.

I also freelance for Vice and have had stints on radio with Triple J and Radio Adelaide. Check out my Vice work by scanning the QR code below or click the link. Ella Huisman (Head of Marketing, Ticketing and Digital at the Fringe) is also one of my references. Deets below.


I often freelance as a copywriter for various businesses and for fun, I co-host a successful podcast called Fearless with Tom & Jem where we cover an array of topics in a taboo vein. This podcast started in our kitchen and has grown to have a studio, ABN, full recording kit and an estimated audience of 2,000 people.

You know the drill: here’s a link for ya!

I am also a musician! I released my debut single last year which is available on all major streaming services and have since worked with Music SA and UNESCO in their Equaliser program. From this experience, I have formed a close professional relationship with Morgan Sette who has offered to be my reference for this role too. Feel free to contact Morgan for a glowing reference, I’m sure…(maybe)…

Here’s a link to the song I co-wrote for the Equaliser program.

and here is a link to the accompanying doco:

Morgan introduced me on Radio Adelaide the other day as someone who has lived a 1000 lives. I really have had a go at an array of things. I was even a farm hand at one point. I really love a challenge and getting out of my comfort zone. Social media has always been a passion of mine (I’m sure you’ll see this for yourselves if you follow me at @jemah_finn, I love to post). It has been a form of creative expression for me and also a tool to develop my own personal brand. I share my photography on my Instagram, so if you want to check that out – head on over!

From my social media endeavours, I’ve been able to develop great networks including with Triple J. Here’s a link to a podcast I recorded with The Hook Up program.


and here’s a link to an interview I recently did with Channel 44 (skip to around the 9 minute mark):

I’ve also used my personal brand to grow my own following and sell out an event I hosted at Summertown Studio in 2019. Here’s a little snippet of this event that I was able to achieve through nothing but social media. I even had my own merch! what?! (this is my draft edit made using Premiere Pro).

I envisage my career being a bit random, like me. I want to work in creative fields and try it all. I think this role would be bloody perfect for me as it caters for all of that. I think my skill set and experience would offer you some fresh perspective and my enthusiasm is guaranteed to be unmatched. I also think I could learn a lot from this role. Plus, I am QUEER! So my understanding of the LGBTQIA+ community is personable and real. Imagine using my skills to elevate the voices of my very own community. That, that is powerful.

I look forward to hearing from you.

PS: Click this link for some of my best content. It’s a laugh: https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17943220423360339/?hl=en

My references are:

Ella Huisman – Head of Marketing, Ticketing and Digital at The Adelaide Fringe Festival. Call on 1800 2000 or email ella.huisman@adelaidefringe.com.au

Morgan Sette – Photography extraordinaire – Slide into her insta DM’s (@morgansette)

I am happy to send through anything else you may need and I am available full-time effective immediately.

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