Interview: Jack Stokes

Words by Jemah Finn.


We had a chat to our mate Jack Stokes ahead of Slippery Sloth & The Ethanol Blend’s album launch ‘The Blend Part 1‘.

Jack, also of Adelaide punk rock band STORK, has found himself in a solo project, Slippery Sloth. All from his parent’s garage, Jack has honed his skills in GarageBand to create…well, unsurprisingly, garage rock music that isn’t too bad on the ears.

Teaming up with The Ethanol Blend, The Blend Part 1 goes down this Sunday the 24th of February at Beach Burrito Company, Glenelg. Supported by Pat Ramm and Busseys, Jack assures us that it’ll be a big one.



Tell us about your latest project.

The project started around two years ago with myself and broad spectrum aka (zack) jamming in the back of mum and dad’s shed and that’s when we recorded Mind Blank. It was basically just mucking around, learning to record and use GarageBand. Then, Ben from Yeo Haus asked if I wanted to play Field Good Festival so I wrote a bunch of other songs. Luckily, I found the rest of the Ethanol Blend that consists of Broad Spectrum (Zack), Dj Dag 1 (Dale) and Al’Mac (Alex) to play the new songs with. Then I got addicted to messing around with GarageBand and started working on recording an album at home with lots of help from the Ethanol Blend just as a little personal project.

What can we expect from the album launch on Sunday?

You can expect us to play all 9 songs from ‘The Blend Part 1’ and hopefully fingers crossed a couple sneaky ones from ‘The Blend Part 2’.

Back Cover - The Blend Part 1

What sound can we expect from this new stuff?

I used to exclusively listen to garage rock and nothing else, even when we first recorded Mind Blank. Then I eventually broaden my music tastes and now I listen to a bit of everything so I wanted to experiment with making music from different genres and basically just create what ever I wanted at the time.

Have you gone to other bands for inspiration?

I go through different stages and thrash different artists so much then I can’t listen to them again for a while but I started off listening to bands like The Memories, Boom Gates, Marlins Dreaming and The Growlers etc then into shoe gazey stuff like Beach Fossils, Turnover, Paradise Club and now i’m listening to a bit of Whitney, Twerps and Kevin Morby. So I kinda draw inspiration from all kinda of music.

How’d ya get the name Slippery Sloth?

A heap of my friends used to call me Sloth because they said I look like a sloth so I just rolled with that because it sounded funny and The Ethanol Blend band name was made one night when we were practising for our first gig. We were planning to all dress up as gas station workers so we wanted a petrol theme so The Ethanol Blend stuck ever since.

It’ll be a big one Sunday, what will you be drinking?

It will be, I actually have one of my best mates weddings the night before so it’ll be a big one. But i’ll probably be drinking what ever beers on special to be honest.



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