Interview: Pond

Pond’s Nicholas Allbrook interviewed by Rhiannon Van Eck.


Your sound has evolved immensely over the 7 albums you guys have released. Do you feel as though you have finally reached the sound you’ve been aiming for?

Our aim is always flitting all over the place, readjusting and wot-not. It feels like this is closer to what I like to listen to, and it feels more real to sing and perform. But the target will hopefully keep moving, and our aim will have to keep following, hopefully with more agility.

Your new album ‘The Weather’ brings to light the atrocious mess in the political world, the fear of the nuclear war threats and the meth struggle in Perth. What is the main message you want the listeners to take away from the album?

Maybe that we – all of us, not just pointing a finger at the conservative other – are flawed, and trashy, and dumb and ephemeral and God… and we’re big enough to see that in ourselves then we could change together. LISTEN.

If you could make one person listen to this new album, who would it be?

I would never make anyone listen to the album. If they had to be made to listen I don’t think they’d be very open to it. Probably got better things to be doing than listening to the ill-informed missives of some latte sipping left wing pinko-commo-bleeding heart bludger anyway right?

Your song 30000 Megatons has some very powerful lyrics – what was happening in the world at the time that you found the inspiration for the song from?

I was in bed all day suffering from ‘manic-grumpy-syndrome’, Tony Abbott was Prime Minister of Australia, I had fallen asleep listening to Pieces of a Man by Gil Scott Herron. So, I guess my faith was waning.

You last played Splendour in the Grass two years ago. Since then, your sound has changed significantly – how will this new sound translate into a live setting?

Hopefully more direct sounds…less avalanche of rocks (cymbals and fuzz). No one needs an avalanche of rocks. Bleurgh.

What is the weirdest/craziest thing you have spotted in a crowd at your shows?

A llama. But actually a drone. But maybe also the llama.



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