Interview: Allday

Words by Tianna Paynter.


Ahead of Splendour in the Grass, we caught up with the one and only Allday who will be performing at the annual festival!

We know you’re super busy coming off Groovin the Moo, and Splendour in the Grass is coming up – how do you cope with these busy times?

I don’t mind being busy with music, as long as I have a day off to look forward to or a full night sleep to look forward to I’m generally fine. For me though it’s hard to write unless I’m home and settled. So I’m definitely planning to do less touring with this album.

Are you getting to spend much time with the other amazing artists from the festival line-ups? If so, are they influencing you musically or personally?

Groovin The Moo was great because we spent so much time together that we really did make friends. I’ve found that most successful musicians are either completely annoying or completely great in person. And 8.5 times out of 10 they’re completely great. Because people can perceive your true self through music, so it takes a cool person or at least someone very magnetic for people to be interested. That’s my theory anyway.

We are pretty pumped for Splendour! Are you going to have time to check out any other artists at festival? If so, who’s at the top of your list?

Of the big people, I’m keen to see The XX and Father John Misty. A lot of my friends too like Confidence Man, Mallrat, Willow Beats, there are others but I can’t remember now. I will definitely trudge around in the mud and pass out in a stranger’s tent.

How do you prepare for a festival as big as Splendour? Do you have a ritual? Superstition? Or is it all pretty relaxed for you now after years of experience?

I wear the same undies at every festival and never wash them. Nah I made that up. I mostly just try not to fuck it up.

Your latest album ‘Speeding’ had you working with great artists like Japanese Wallpaper and Mallrat – do you prefer collaborations or to work independently?

It’s always nice to write something and have someone else sing it better than I could. I can’t say I prefer either. I think for a ‘rapper’ I’ve traditionally done very few collaborations. I still find it difficult to let other people rap on my songs. I’m opening up to it over time and liking it.

In three words, how would you describe your latest album to our readers?

Another, White, Rapper.

How has working on music for you changed over the years? And do you see yourself still doing this for a long time to come?

I find it interesting when people ask me if I’ll be moving on to something else. This is my medium, I can’t see that changing in the foreseeable future. I still feel like an infant with music. I’m a slow learner and I’m just sort of getting the hang of it now. In a year I’ll probably think the same thing. In terms of working on music, I think I started going fast, then I learned to go slow (3 year album wait), and since then I’ve been learning to do both at the same time.

Walk us through your current Spotify playlist. What are you listening to and what should we check out?

I do have a playlist called “Songs I like atm” that you can find on my Allday Spotify profile. I update that a fair bit. Today I’m loving Japanese House – Face Like Thunder (found it on Lorde’s playlist I, think) and Common Holly – The Desert.

FAN QUESTION: tell us something we don’t know about ‘Allday’.

There is nothing unknown anymore. I need to do some stuff in secret for a while.


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