Things ‘Chymes’ can’t live without in the studio…

Words by Jemah Finn.


Electronic-pop duo, CHYMES, hail from Sydney and have been practically living in the studio working on their sophomore album, set to be released later this year.

Music producer Cameron Taylor and Singer/Songwriter Kiersten Nyman are Chymes, and recently gave us the first taste of what is to come with their single, Bloom.
Delicate, just like the object they are named after, Chymes’ track Bloom is intricate and beautiful and is certainly creating big expectations for things to come from the pair.
Given that Cameron and Kiersten are spending a lot of time in the studio lately, we thought it was only right to get them to create a list of things they cannot live without in the studio.
Over to Cameron and Kiersten…


1.An unhealthy amount of green tea – nothing like a constant flow of rehydrated leaves to keep you focused on the music hehe. This particular teabag is part of our writing formula. 😉


  1. Ableton push – it’s an intuitive easy way to write beats / rhythmic elements. It allows us to play-in the sounds and lets you manipulate the details quicker. Much more fun then just using the computer mouse!


  1. Incense – we’re obsessed with ‘Midnight’. It smells like literal heaven.


  1. DSI Tetra – so good!!!! It’s my personal favourite at the moment


  1. Fairy lights – they aren’t a must have, but they do add to the atmosphere


  1. Good monitoring environment/speaker setup – it’s hard to enjoy and feed off the music if the speakers don’t sound any good!


  1. UAD Apollo audio interface – it’s our bread and butter for preamps and convincing hardware emulated plugins


  1. Lexicon Reverb PCM Bundle – You can never have too much reverb!!!! Especially when it sounds so good.


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