Welcome to heaven… Welcome to, Porchland.

Words by Jemah Finn.


If you’ve been searching for a little slice of heaven here on earth, look no further than one very funky festival called, Porchland.


Photo credit: Jack Fenby



Imagine this; Persian rugs covering the ground, guitars and fairy lights dangling from the trees, local food and beverages for you to indulge in and live music playing all day long.

Nestled in the Adelaide hills, this glorious festival is packed with everything good in life. Encapsulated into one very delightful day, you can expect to be laying on a rug enjoying the music one minute, playing frisbee the next and then boogying right next to the stage all night long.

It is hard to put into words just how incredible this annual Adelaide festival is, so watch this video and let it do the talking.

Incredible, right? If you were thinking ‘woah, how can I be there’, don’t fret groovy people, there are still 50 tickets available for you to get your hands on. Get in quick.

The picturesque event comes from the legends of The Porch Sessions. For those who are unaware, The Porch Sessions is a travelling event that boasts live music played on different humble porches found across Adelaide. That’s right, literally in people’s back yards!

Porchland is a Porch Session taken to the next level. With a line-up of seven incredible musicians as well as Porchland’s very own Market Bazaar, you can be guaranteed to enjoy what is truly an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Last year at Porchland it bucketed down with rain, but did we care? No way. If anything, it made the magical day even more unique. No-one was complaining, only embracing Mother Nature and using the rain to break out some serious dance moves.

There really is no other word to describe this special festival other than absolute magic. It doesn’t get much better than this – so come along and see if for yourselves (or watch our Snapchat stories from home and get incredibly jealous, your choice).

We hope to see ya there!







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