How to prepare for Splendour in the Grass!


Words by Jemah Finn.


We are assuming you’ve all seen the Splendour in the Grass (SITG) line up by now and are just salivating at the thought of snagging tickets to one of the most popular festivals Australia has to offer.

From The XX and Queens of the Stone Age to King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and Client Liaison; SITG 2017 is jam packed with flavour which is bound to get all musical tastebuds drooling (we know we are)!

Tickets go on sale next Thursday (the 6th of April), but we’d suggest getting 38 computers up ready in order to guarantee your place in the SITG campgrounds – it’s going to be one heck of a battle to get your hands on those delicious tickets!

If you’re lucky enough to be joining other punters at the annual froth fest, there is a few things you might want to know.

Being Splendour Bender veterans, we have devised a little preparation list for ya’ll so that you can be ready to get your groove on in the Byron Bay haven.



Ok, so you are one of the lucky ones. You’ve managed to get your hands on one of the highly desired Splendour tickets (thank your lucky stars, kiddo), but what is next?

  1. Just because it is fucking freezing where you are, don’t expect it to be winter in Byron Bay too. We made the mistake of packing gloves and beanies, only to arrive to a hot and sweaty camp ground. Check your weather forecasts folks and pack those suitcases wisely to be prepared for any weather event!


  1. Gumboots are 100% necessary! It may get hot in Northern NSW, but Mother Nature also likes to keep you guessing with rain…and when it rains, it pours! Pack those gummies just in case good ol’ Mumma Nat decides she wants to unleash her fury; you don’t wanna be that poor soul trying to hike up the muddy hill in high heeled boots!


  1. Ladies (and gents), don’t forget your portable mirrors! If you’re camping, there really are no luxuries. Long drops and hour long shower queues are all a part of the festival. So be prepared with dry shampoo, hand held mirrors and get handy with doing a braid because it’ll be the only hairstyle you can do after a few days of sweat, copious amounts of alcohol and the lack of showering.


  1. The bigger the better; and by that, we mean group of friends to go with. Going with a good sized group of pals means drinking games at the camp ground are easier and you can guarantee there’ll be at least one other person who wants to go see a certain band with you, so you don’t have to go solo. Safety (and fun) in numbers is our philosophy.


  1. Don’t have many friends (or your mates can’t make it to SITG)? Don’t fret; make them! We suggest saying howdy-do to your Splendy neighbours; they usually provide you with some of the greatest times at the festival (and if you’re lucky like we were, they’ll help set up your tent too).


  1. Save ya pennies! Food and drink ain’t cheap, like at most festivals. Don’t have many pennies saved? Then stock up on tins of tuna and rice cakes; they’ll keep you going throughout the entirety of the festival and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.
  1. Dare to be different. Splendour fashion is one of the only times it is totally acceptable to wear whatever the hell you want (although we endorse creativity 24/7). Go crazy, funky people!


  1. Go in with an open mind; don’t be super set on a specific timetable, because there is plenty of amazing things to experience at SITG. We spontaneously did a burlesque dance class and a drumming circle, which were two of our favourite memories from Splendour. Get out of that comfort zone!


  1. Get there early! Absolutely pivotal, people. Otherwise you’ll be the ones camping in a giant puddle and getting soaked from the running river that is next to your tent, every damn night! You don’t want to end up trying to cram three bodies into your car to sleep because your tent is flooded (like we did). Best in, best dressed!


  1. Midday naps don’t make you lame; it’s a longggg weekend and you don’t wanna be dead by day two!


  1. Stock up on bandaids, Berocca, and Panadol (and vodka) – once again, it’s a longgg weekend and you don’t wanna be dead by day two!


  1. Do a test camp: set up your tent at home and spend a night out there. The last thing you wanna do is get to the camp site and realise you’ve forgotten a major part of the tent or your torch. That’s a recipe for disaster!
  1. Overall, just have fun. You’ve beaten thousands of people who wanted to go to SITG, so make the most of it. Live in the moment and throw yourself into every experience. Live it up and rub it in to those less fortunate souls stuck at home studying or working!

splendour lineup.png

Moral of the story? Splendour is rad. It is one of the best experiences, hands down. C’mon – live music, beers and visiting Byron Bay – what could be better?

We’ll see you there!








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