New Music Premiere: Kashaguava

Words by Jemah Finn.


FINNs Mag are thrilled to be premiering the debut single from Adelaide’s, Kashaguava.

Instantly anchored by the powerful vocals of lead singer, Jessica Johns, Kashaguava’s debut single commands attention and draws you into the dreamy world they create through their music.

The debut single from this Adelaide four piece was produced by the talented Hugh Atkinson in his Hahndorf studio. Titled ‘FM‘, this track has hard-hitting synth chords, bass that you can feel in the pit of your stomach and incendiary riffs that weave in and out throughout the song courtesy of lead guitarist Josh Bertossa.



With both Jessica and Jack sharing the vocal role, the song takes an interesting back and forth approach. Acting like a lyrical conversation, this track is not your typical love song.

Kashaguava ooze utter musicianship with Jessica Johns’ lead vocals, the multi-instrumentalism of Jack Herz, Josh Bertossa on guitar and keys played by Louise Horobin. Their name may be unfamiliar, but the group have been honing their sound since 2012 when they joined in high school.

With tight musicianship and a unique and funky Kasha flavour, I expect big things from this Adelaide band.

Listen to the new track here:










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