Interview: Hein Cooper


Words by Jemah Finn.

Hein Cooper has had one big year. A year so big that it is difficult to put into words. To help you understand it and to put it into perspective; we have got some numbers for you.
108 shows
13 countries
32 flights
62 cities
70000+ Kilometres driven
1 album released
30 forgotten toothbrushes
15 on-stage computer crashes
4 million Spotify streams
0 on-stage strings broken
3 singles released
80+ kilos of lost clothes
countless new friends
25 years lowered life expectancy

Got a headache from the numbers and prefer words? Please, read on.

You’d expect Hein to be putting his feet up after a non-stop year. He has toured Europe, the USA and Australia with the likes of Lukas Graham, James Bay and Bjorn & John and even headlined his own shows overseas. However, Hein isn’t stopping anytime soon. He is currently in the middle of his Australian tour with LANKS before topping off the year at Falls Festival in Byron Bay and Lorne.

Despite his busy schedule, Hein made the time to have a quick chat with us about everything from the years greatest challenges and triumphs, his music and even about his missing toothbrushes!

Firstly, how are you awake right now! This year has been huge for you. 108 shows, 13 countries, an album release with a casual 4 million Spotify streams to go with it. Are you just exhausted?

Cold and flu tablets, yes I am a little exhausted but I feel ok!

Throughout such a big year there must have been some challenges and triumphs you faced; can you tell us the best and worst parts of the year?

I think the worst moments were always getting from one place to another. I played a festival in Belgium and the next day flew to London and both my guitars didn’t make it on the plane after I checked them in. Then I had another flight to Cornwall that evening as I had to play a festival midday the next day! Turned out that they cancelled that flight as well So I was put on a bus with my remaining equipment at midnight and arrived at 5:30am to then sleep a couple of hrs before loading in for the festival. it was a long day. A highlight was selling out my own headline tour through German cities: Berlin, Cologne, Munich and Hamburg.

You’ve been on the road so much this year, 70,000km driven in fact; are you sick of it yet or is it something you can adjust to?

It is actually amazing! I can’t do this forever but I’ve never understood living in the same place year after year, I love the constant change.

 Have you had the chance to sit back and reflect about your success this year or is it all about future and what comes next?

I really haven’t had a moment to reflect yet but I like it that way, I’m all eyes on next year!

How do your family and friends respond to your ever growing popularity in Australia and across borders? And how do you feel about it all, is it weird having people know your name?

It hasn’t really come up yet. My family haven’t changed about me at all and sometimes at my shows it can be a bit weird with people however I’m not at that level where I’m getting stopped on the streets so it hasn’t been a problem.

You’re playing Falls Festival this year but you are known for doing small and intimate shows, how do you think a huge festival will compare?

I’ve been doing some big support shows in the states with Lukas Graham last month so I’ve been lucky enough to get a taste for it, and I played falls last year too so I’m looking forward to it!

You’re co-headlining your current tour with LANKS, how did this collaboration begin and how is it all going?

I heard about his music by chance around a year ago and have been into it since then. It was an idea his and my agent came up with and I was in.

Your new album, ‘The Art of Escape’, received amazing reviews and radio airtime all over the world, what’s the greatest compliment you’ve received about this album?

There hasn’t been one in particular but a lot of people have said that it has helped them through hard times in their life and that has meant everything to me.

Drawing inspiration can be a difficult thing, how or what do you do in order to find that inspiration for your music?

I’ve never found it difficult to find inspiration. Life is full of it!

And lastly, let’s talk about the toothbrushes; you’ve misplaced 30 in the last year. Is it time for you to get a personal assistant or maybe a life time supply of toothbrushes?

Haha I’ll never cure my forgetfulness so maybe an assistant is a good idea!


Biggest fear:

Sharks, but don’t kill them!

Weirdest habit:

Endless nail biting

Most embarrassing moment on tour:

I definitely will not say!



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