NEW MUSIC: Chiara La Woo


Words by the FINNs team.

According to the very reliable source, Wikipedia, cloud 9 refers to being in a state of blissful happiness. Which is fitting as that is exactly what you can expect to feel when you push play on the aptly titled new single ‘Cloud 9’ by Chiara La Woo.

(You guys know the drill, click the link to have a listen to this absolute ripper tune)

The boys of La Woo mash together elements of reggae and rock and throw in a cheeky dose of psychedelia for good measure. This tasty combination culminates in a distinctive sound that encourages their live audiences to get on their dancing shoes.

Starting the year with all guns blazing, the four piece have shown no signs of slowing down.  From supporting the likes of World Champion, Verge Collection and The Vanns to releasing their debut single: Keep Your Feet.

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Keep Your Feet had the slow burning build up that allowed their lyrical talents to shine through, but Cloud 9 is a little different with a more upbeat, feel good sound that encourages sing-alongs and audience participation.

There is no denying the influence of other already established Aussie acts such as Sticky Fingers and Lyall Moloney on Chiara La Woo’s music but there’s no denying the rawness and downright positive vibes that give the band their own unique flavour.

Cloud 9 will be the second of three releases this year, which aim to capture the atmosphere of their live shows and showcase the diversity that they deliver. Rhythm guitarist Tom admits that releasing the song wasn’t always on the cards, though.

“We hadn’t really planned on releasing this as a recorded track but the response from punters at gigs was so strong we couldn’t resist, it’s a fun song – so why not aye”.

If you haven’t gotten around Chiara La Woo, now is the time. Not only do they have heaps of new songs in the works but you can also catch them at Jive on the 13th of August and at Ancient World on the 20th of August.



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