What So Lol?! “I went viral after two people had sex…”

finns loo

Words by Caitlin Trindall.

Going viral is a weird thing, hands down there’s no denying that. It’s as if suddenly you have all this attention thrown on you but in reality your 15 minutes of fame is more like 15 seconds of fame in the viral world and it really doesn’t seem like much in the big scheme of things.

I’ve gone viral before, and generally it has been for making sarcastic comments. However last week, I brought attention to an odd occurrence at the first night of What So Not and A-Trak’s current Australian tour.

People get kicked out of gigs for all sorts of things, perhaps there’s been a bit too much alcohol consumed, you brushed someone the wrong way and now there’s an argument brewing into a physical fight, or you saw someone getting busted for taking who knows what in the corner. Last week at the Enmore Theatre in Newtown though, two passionate punters threw a bit more passion into their efforts than the rest of the crowd and got kicked out of the venue for having sex between the chairs. Now, I almost felt a bit bad for my 15 minutes of fame what with Chris Emerson, elsewise known as Emoh Instead and the man behind the What So Not project retweeting me when I drew attention to the rendezvous happening in the reserved seating as it was my friend who had witnessed the deed and subsequent booting from the venue while I danced to my heart’s content in general admission. Nonetheless it’s an absolutely hilarious story and from what a good mate of mine told me, there was classic missionary going on between two party goers, stark naked, on the floor in between the seats.

According to my friend, the security guards saw old mate #1 and old mate #2 having their horizontal dance, the couple were allowed to finish, get dressed and then thrown out. They finished. They actually finished having sex on the alcohol soaked carpet of the Enmore Theatre and got chucked out after being allowed to fully dress themselves again.

How. About. That?

In amidst all this retweeting from Emoh, he screenshotted it and popped it onto the What So Not Facebook page and on his Instagram. It wasn’t long before music magazines were writing about it and Triple J picked it up too with Veronica & Lewis contacting me to have a bit of a chat about it on air.

what so lol.jpg
What So Lol: After tweeting this, Caitlin had a serious 15 minutes of fame!


They asked me whether my friends and I thought it was amazing or gross. I told them a bit of both really. We were amazed at the tenacity of two people who are so out of their minds that they go for gold on the carpet of reserved seating in Sydney at a live gig. At the same time, it’s also pretty gross. Like, really kind of gross.

It’s not a new thing, and it’s not all that uncommon, but never once have I heard a story of “hey we saw people having sex on the dance floor” that didn’t end in “and then they got thrown out”. So maybe folks, keep it in your pants until you have a bit of privacy and enjoy the show you paid to see.


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