Georgia Fields: “BE YOU”

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Words by Caitlin Trindall

If you would like a look further into the magnificent force of nature that is Georgia Fields, then open your browser and peer into her blog. She acknowledges that she writes few and far between, however her personality shines through on her webpage as strong as it does in her song writing. Raw honesty and understanding of herself and the world around her, acknowledging flaws (not that we think she has any) and a deep appreciation for life can be found in Georgia through getting to know her and this is what makes her truly special. Georgia opens up through music and managing her down to earth nature, which captures her being your extraordinary, normal everyday gal.

It’s no surprise that these sentiments were conveyed when we managed to catch up with Georgia to have a bit of a chat surrounding her new single Open Orange from her upcoming album Astral Debris and where she might be taking that album around the country, cat videos, what makes her hometown of Melbourne great and collaborating with unique homegrown artists.

Hey Georgia, so if you were to wake up tomorrow with a newfound overnight ability to play any instrument in the world, what would it be and why?

The ‘cello! I learned for 5 years as a child but could never get a good sound out of it, which kinda broke my heart because I love the instrument so much. No matter how much I practiced, it never felt natural or authentic when I played it, unlike when I sing and play the piano or my guitar. These days I like to compose for string sections – I guess that’s an outlet for my previous love affair with the ‘cello. Actually, a couple of songs from my new album ‘Astral Debris’ were recorded live with a string quartet.

What is your favourite YouTube video?

Easily ‘Cat Transcendence’!

Who was the first ever album you owned?

The first CD single I ever bought with my own money was Leonardo’s Bride, ‘Even When I’m Sleeping’. It was on high rotation at the Fields household! A beacon of pure pop magic.

From the time you’ve spent in many gorgeous places around the world, what do you think Melbourne has that nowhere else in the world possesses?

The worst public transport ticketing system in the known universe! Plus fantastic coffee, and a truly amazing live music scene. In Melbourne you can catch a world-class gig in a tiny front bar almost any night of the week. It’s insane! Just for example, Leaps and Bounds Music Festival is taking place in July across the City of Yarra, and there’s non-stop musical delights happening every night in bars and pubs and theatres, from cabaret to jazz and indie to punk.

Do you prefer oranges or apples?

Can’t compare.

Your new single Open Orange featuring Phia is rather sexy, in a great and new way. We’re wanting to know if this will continue in Astral Debris and what other themes and stories might be in your upcoming album?

Thank you! Now that I think about it, sex does get a mention (thematically, at least) on 3 out of the 10 album tracks. Open Orange is about that delicious feeling of being unwrapped and discovered by somebody new. In writing the album, I was also inspired by myths and fables – Hood and the Hunter is my feminist re-telling of Red Riding Hood, and A Sisyphean Grail is my interpretation of the Greek myth of Sisyphus. On Moon, I’m almost writing my own fairytale… I wrote that song with John Palmer, from the point-of-view of our lonely Satellite. From love (and sex!) to loss and desire, on ‘Astral Debris’ I wanted to explore the archetypal elements of what it means to be a human on Earth today.

Throughout the song we hear Phia’s kalimba, which is quite her signature. Was it always an automatic inclusion having the kalimba for a collaboration between the both of you, or did it come about in its own way?

You’re right, the kalimba is definitely Phia’s signature sound. Her musicality inspires me so much. What some people don’t realise about Phia is that she is a jazz piano virtuosa – she studied improvisation at the Victorian College of the Arts. When she moved to Berlin 5 years ago, she picked up the kalimba and started looping it in her live shows, running it through effects pedals to create these intricate soundscapes. So collaborating with Phia definitely meant including the kalimba! At the time that I was recording ‘Astral Debris’, Phia was still living in Berlin, so we were sending audio files back and forth over email, collaborating long-distance. I’d never done anything like that before. She’s since moved back to Melbourne, which is great news for me because it was the perfect excuse to play a gig together!

Your recent online activity suggests that you’ve been thinking of traveling north, to Sydney at least, are you thinking about perhaps branching a bit further and say, taking the album for a run around other parts of the country when it’s out?

Yes! Yes, yes, yes! I would so love to take Astral Debris out on the road and play some new cities for the launch. A Sydney show has just been confirmed, although I can’t announce it yet, so best to keep an eye on my Facebook page for tour announcements.

As an Australian artist in a world where the online sphere makes it easier to get music out there, what two pieces of advice would you offer to someone trying to get their sound heard?

Be you. Write the best songs you possibly can, and be your authentic self. Thanks to the Internet it’s now possible to compare yourself to an infinite number of other artists who are getting airplay, or Instagram followers, or Spotify plays… Just do your thing! Have fun, collaborate with somebody new, take a chance, make a mistake (or two), get your hands dirty but most of all BE YOU.


You can catch Georgia performing with Phia and a full band for their double single launch next Sunday, July 3 at The Gasometer in Collingwood as a part of the Leaps and Bounds Festival. Grab yourself a ticket over here for $15+bf or nab one on the day at the door for $18.


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