Review: The Delta Riggs


Words by Jemah Finn

Last night, All You Can Eat once again dished up a delicious serving of live music for Adelaide to indulge in.

The Delta Riggs love Adelaide, or so says vocalist, Elliott Hammond. That’s why the lads made a short but sweet stop to Fat Controller, the first stop of many on their headline national tour.

Armed with the classic tunes we know and love, and a few newbies from their upcoming album, The Delta Riggs unleashed their stomping sound that had the bodies of the mosh pit jumping around and begging for more.

With an added dose of soul, hip hop and even a little psychedelia, the boys proved themselves to be more than just rock gods. Their sonic palette has morphed into such a diverse and exhilarating sound that is hard not to love. While The Delta Riggs certainly don’t fit the mould of one particular genre, somehow through all of their assorted sounds, their music remains distinctively theirs.

The boys played new track, Surgery Of Love, from their much anticipated third album and had the audience swooning. The tune, a little like disco meets rock, was super sexy and a little Bee Gee-Esque. It certainly leaves high expectations for their upcoming album!


After unveiling a never before heard tune for us (which was mighty fine, by the way), Elliott climbed the barrier and threw his powerful glare across the room, igniting friendly chaos in the crowd. Gripping his portable microphone, Elliott began a back and forth chant with the energetic crowd, which of course lead to a whole lot of crowd surfing and fist pumping.

The night took a sour turn when the band exclaimed that they were “pissed off” because someone from the crowd had stolen Elliott’s hat. However, despite this hiccup that saw Adelaide fans refused an encore performance, the night continued on with nothing but love for the Melbourne band. One gig-goer even described the performance as “bloody orgasmic”.

Once again, Fat Controller delivered a night of exceptional music and an atmosphere that is next to none. The floor was covered in boogying bodies who couldn’t fight the urge to groove, and everyone was left feeling completely satisfied!


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