Review: The Smith Street Band @ The Gov


Words by Jemah Finn

“Welcome to peace and love and being in a room of sweaty other morons…that’s why we started this band, because it is where we feel at home and we hope it is the same for you in the crowd” – Wil Wagner of The Smith Street Band.

Feeling safe, having a dance and listening to bloody good music was the order of the night when The Smith Street Band rolled into Adelaide last Saturday.

The Smith Street Band brought a stellar performance to their sold out gig at Adelaide’s, The Gov, described by one gig-goer as “neck-breakingly good head-banging material”.

With hues of red filling The Gov’s intimate venue; punk geniuses, The Smith Street Band, had the room looking like it was filled with bobble heads. The energetic crowd swayed their heads and pumped their fists to the familiar tunes created by the music wizards.

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With pineapple cruiser in hand, The Smith Street Band’s front man not only inspired us with his emotionally fuelled lyrics but also his stories of family, equal rights, mental health and feeling safe.

The music was great, let’s be honest, these lads can do no wrong. However, the music was not the only thing that left the audience feeling utterly satisfied.

From encouraging a friendly relationship with security; who pulled body after body from behind the buckling barrier and from the wave of hands that surfed the eager bodies to the front of the mosh pit, to the part where Wil begged all the girls in the room to help make the music industry a better place by going home and starting a band or learning an instrument – the guys provided a lot for the good people of Adelaide to indulge in.

Spitting out their iconic intensity across the crowd, there wasn’t a punter who didn’t yell their songs right back – I think this says a lot about how loved these lads are and how much their music resonates with so many people in the world.






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