Interview: Vincey

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Words by Nadia von Bertouch

Vincent Giarrusso is no stranger to the Australian music scene, having been releasing music with his band UndergroundLOVERS since 1991.

Vincent’s latest musical project sees him venturing into a solo career with the release of his debut solo album Everything is Singing…Everything under the title ‘Vincey’.

After years of success with UndergroundLOVERS, Everything is Singing…Everything echoes the intricacy and passion so evident in Vincent Giarrusso’s productions.

The album hosts an assortment of stirring and lyrically impressive tracks, demonstrating the deep emotion behind them.

I caught up with Vincey to talk about the launch of his solo project, and to find out about the inspiration behind Everything is singing…Everything.

Congratulations on launching your album Everything is Singing…Everything last Saturday night! How was the album received by the audience?

Thank you! It’s been received really well. People seem to like it, they say the record is kind of sad but uplifting.

Everything is singing…Everything is your debut album as a solo artist under the name Vincey, how does it differ from your previous work with undergroundLOVERS?

Well I write undergroundLOVERS songs with Glenn and the band. I wrote this one in collaboration with Jed Palmer, a dear friend and musician who works mainly in TV and film. I think it has a very different sound to undergroundLOVERS.

The album is dedicated to a young girl who lost her battle with Leukemia; can you tell us more about the emotional inspiration behind some of the tracks?

I wanted to deal with this event through music and song but I tried really hard to not go for an obvious approach and go all maudlin and sad, or go through any ‘stages of grief’ crap which gets shoved down your throat at these moments. It was a confusing, annoying, painful and crap time! Hence I tried to make the words prosaic rather than poetic. I tried to fit in observations and images from the time that are unrelated to the event but somehow resonate with it.

What was the writing/recording process like working alongside fellow Kyneton musician Jed Palmer?

It was a joy but it took a long time. This thing called life kept getting the way, which made it all the more special when we got together.

The first music video for the album features the track ‘Baseless Needs’, what is the concept behind the clip?

The clip was made by Sean T Barnes. I’m really proud of it. It follows a young man who we called ‘the hungover guy’ as he does stuff and deals with emotions and the everyday. It’s funny and sad and beautiful; so beautiful that there is a trilogy of clips. There’s one for Run and Hide and one for Baby Morphine. The clips also compliment the visual stuff I did for the Everything is Singing…Everything, which is available on Bit Torrent – check it out! It’s the record as 10 one-take shots that you can play in the background as you listen.

What can we expect next for Vincey? Do you plan to continue to produce music as a solo artist?

Well we are going to do more shows throughout the year. The band is fantastic and keen to do more shows. There will be more postings online of new visual stuff. Jed and I are talking about some new material, which is exciting.

Lastly, can we expect new material from undergroundLOVERS anytime soon?

Yep, we finish mixing in July 2016 and will hopefully release later in the year around October.  You can chart the progress of the new undergroundLOVERS record on the FB page melbournismThere you will find clips of us working out songs, rough mixes, studio takes and dramatic moments like when Pip got bored, or when Maurice caught a virus and we thought he was going to die – everyday stuff in the life of the undergroundLOVERS!


The proceeds from the sales of the album will be donated to the Snowdome Foundation, in honour of the brave young soul who succumbed to the ravages of leukaemia at a young age:

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