Interview: Tully On Tully


Words by Amelia Nichele

Melbourne indie pop band Tully On Tully have a huge few months ahead of them! After spending time in the recording studio the band is now taking their new polished material onto the stage! Their “sporadic” national tour has seen them travel through Victoria and SA, before they head onto NSW and ACT later in the month.

With their new EP ‘Miles Away due to be released in June, there is no slowing down for Tully on Tully!

We caught up with Tully on Tully about their new EP, touring and plans to come back to Adelaide!

tully on tully
Tully On Tully

To start off, you guys must be pretty pumped for the release of your EP ‘Miles Away’, how are you feeling ahead of its release in June? 

Primed. Can’t wait to set it free into the sick, sad world.

You’ve said that Miles Away was written whilst abroad in New York City. It’s is so catchy and strays from your last few releases. What was it about New York City that had such an influence on you guys? 

It was partly the romanticism of being in such an instantly recognisable and vibrant place, where no matter where you look there is something unique happening and also the fact that we were so far flung from home that really left an impression on us. These both made their mark on the themes of the E.P. We also spent a bit of time in Toronto so I feel that also had equal influence.

Tell me a little bit about the inspiration behind your latest track Honestly. 

Musically we wanted to create a song that had a solid momentum but wasn’t too ‘big’ dynamically. I guess we were after a song with soft intimate lows but punctuated by a few peaks in intensity. Hopefully this shows in the production and arrangement of the song.

The video clip for Honestly really shows off the city streets of Melbourne. What was the idea behind the music video? And more specifically who’s idea was the devouring of the Golden Gay time? 

The Honestly clip was the coming together of two amazing film makers from Sao Paolo, Brazil and ourselves. They were circumnavigating the globe making music videos for bands in every city that they stopped in. The main mission for their clips is that they are all shot in one take, so a stop motion was still one take but a bit of a departure from the standard film method. Pretty sure the Golden Gaytime was Natalie’s idea, she got to benefit most out of devouring it after all. They’re calling their journey Around The World In 80 Music Videos, check them out on YouTube.

You’ve been on your tour now for almost two weeks, how’s tour life? 

Pretty good, the tour isn’t the traditional three weeks on the road with no stopping sort of thing. It’s more like we venture off to a different region of the country every weekend. It’s way less stressful and bodes better in Australia where we’re at the mercy of such massive distances between cities.

How does this tour compare to your 2015 one where you travelled up and down the East coast? 

So far pretty similar, though as I mentioned it’s far more sporadic and not a big chunk of time on the road. Last time we did a fair bit of driving between NSW and QLD which was pretty fun.

How are you finding that this tour is influencing you guys as a band? Is it strengthening bonds or influencing your music at all? 

Will get back to you at the end of May!

You performed at Pirie and Co on the 1st of the month, how was the show? And do you have any plans to come back to Adelaide? 

The show was great! Hopefully we’ll be back to Adelaide before too long, maybe before the end of the year!

Make sure you keep an eye out for Tully on Tully’s new EP ‘Miles Away’ due to be released on the 3rd of June!


Friday April 8th – Moonee Tunes @ The Valley VIC
with Kingswood, Tkay Maidza, Remi, Delta Riggs & Harts

Friday April 15th – Karova Lounge, Ballarat VIC with Leisure Suite

Saturday April 16th – Workers Club, Melbourne VIC with Wallflower 

Friday April 22nd – Mynt Lounge, Werribee VIC

Thursday May 26 – Bar On The Hill, University of Newcastle NSW (Lunchtime Gig)

Thursday May 26 – Oxford Art Factory, Gallery Bar, Sydney NSW with Wallflower

Saturday May 28 – Transit Bar, Canberra, ACT with Wallflower 








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