Review: Green Buzzard


Words by Jack Herz

Melbourne band Green Buzzard hit up Cats at Rocket to an unfortunately small crowd, but still managed to come through with the musical goods. The First band up, St. Morris Sinners, heavily channel Nick Cave, not just sonically but in the way their songs vividly tell stories; a highly underrated talent rarely seen in bands these days. The stage presence of lead singer Stephen Johnson was more than enough to carry the bands set but the musicianship of all its individual members made it much more than a one-man show.

The next band to take to the stage Tough Uncle, proved that less members doesn’t necessarily mean less instruments, with their drummer multitasking his drumming duties with synth playing at the same time. Their set proved to be a highlight of the night, pairing extremely catchy guitar riffs aided by exceptional pedal-effects with a unique vocal style and witty in between song banter.

By the time headliners Green Buzzard took to the stage, the crowd had somewhat dissipated. This unfortunately seemed to effect the stage presence of the band, running through their songs without much audience involvement or stage presence. On the other hand, this meant that the band were able to focus solely on their musicianship instead which was undeniably brilliant. Burning through songs from their new EP as well as early singles such as Zoo Fly, the mix was clear while still retaining the fuzzy production of the original songs themselves.

Green Buzzard Lead Press Image
Green Buzzard

Set highlight ‘Slow It Down Now’ tricked the crowd with what sounded like an ending, which then turned in to a spacey, synth solo detour that incorporated a heavy delay effect before the band jumped back into a final chorus in perfect harmony. After a quick thank you to the crowd, the night was capped off by a song off the Easy Queezy Squeezy EP entitled ‘Motorcars are Jaguars’, which diehard fans in the front row swayed and sung along to in unison. As they walked off the stage it sunk in, that despite a sonically entertaining set, Green Buzzard failed to reach the same level of charisma as the bands who preceded them.


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