What to expect from GTM 2016!

finns loo

Words by Jemah Finn.

Oh hell yeah, Groovin The Moo (GTM) is back for 2016 and we can’t wait!

Once again, GTM will be rolling into town on the 25th of April at Oakbank, and just like last year, the line-up is mighty fine.

Look, it may have been a muddy mess last year, but regardless of the fact that my white dress got destroyed, I had a blast!

If anything, that mud made it easier to slip, slide and dance around to the orchestra of music, screaming fans and thunderstorms that echoed in the background.

It doesn’t matter that last year was not what we had expected (should have checked the forecast before wearing a white dress, ooops), we are super keen to rock up again.

So what can we and our fellow festival punters expect from Groovin The Moo this year? Well I don’t know the forecast for the 25th of April yet, but I do know a bit about the line-up, and boy is it a delicious one!

I have narrowed it down to five must-see acts at the 2016 GTM.

1- I am totally kidding, I did not narrow it down at all. I tried, I really did. However, the line-up is that insanely mouth-watering, it just was not possible!

GTM have outdone themselves recruiting an A-team line-up that excites me so much I could scream. Can we fast-forward GTM day already?

Alison Wonderland, Boy & Bear, British India, DZ Deathrays, Golden Features, Illy and The Rubens are seven incredible acts that will be gracing the stages of GTM. Do you think that is good? Well wait, there are even more musicians coming along to this rural festival (check out the full line-up below).

With a line-up like that, you would be insane not to show up to this mad festival. Rain, hail or shine, I can guarantee that this festival won’t disappoint.

Expect not only great music, but also a really fun and friendly atmosphere. It is so refreshing to attend a festival that is outside of the city and to experience such a care-free vibe. The music will be fantastic, no-one can argue with that, but we are certain that the overall atmosphere of the event will combine to create one beautiful experience too!

GTM promises to cater to every musical appetite (oh and actual appetite, the food trucks there are amaaaazing), so make sure you grab a ticket and go along for a day of fun!

Here’s cheers to Groovin The Moo, I’ll see you there!

GTM line-up


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