WOMADelaide: Day #2

Words by Nadia von Bertouch

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The magic of WOMADelaide continued on day two, and so too did the sweltering heat.

WOMAD is like no other festival in the way it brings people together, where complete strangers can be seen sharing in the dreamlike atmosphere that is WOMADelaide.

Sudanese/Nubian band, Alsarah & The Nubatones, played early to set the tempo for day two with their Afrocubism sound. Alsarah and her sister Nahid gave a soulful performance, backed up by their band of traditional East-African instruments. The group had a clear emphasis on crowd participation, incorporating several sing-alongs into their set.

Modern Nomad Rock duo, Tulegur, brought a completely new sound and experience to the WOMADelaide stage. Tulegur’s vocals provided as their most diverse instrument, demonstrating both traditional throat singing and opera, native to their home of Mongolia. The duo had the audience sitting in silence as they watched on, mesmerised.

 It’s not just the music at WOMAD that has festivalgoers from around the country gracing its presence. The festival has a range of activities and stalls that, on their own, make it a worthwhile experience. With cuisine from all around the globe, come lunchtime you’ll be spoilt for choice, where you can literally ‘Taste The World’.

And if politics is your thing, make sure to check out the Global Village, where you’ll find a variety of organisations and non-for-profits, all with a common belief in promoting peace and sustainability around the world.

Head over to https://www.womadelaide.com.au/tickets to grab some tickets – you don’t want to miss out!



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