Words by Jemah Finn.


Alex Hayes has experienced a whole lot of success over the past few years with the rise of his clothing label, Salty Reign.

The talented 20 year old Adelaide lad started his business endeavour after feeling “limited in creativity at Uni”,

“launching this brand was about etching my own style into fashion and predicting and injecting the trends from the east coast of Australia into the streets of Adelaide”.

Predicting future fashion trends he did. Alex has truly captured the essence of the Australian surfing and skating scene and brought something fresh to our very own wardrobes.

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What started off as a backyard project that saw Alex losing money, has now evolved into a real fashion identity that enables Alex to be able to make a profit. The Salty Reign range is hand sewn here in Adelaide from 100% Australian cotton and are also printed locally.  Even better, Alex promises that he has ensured “not to compromise quality in any way”.

Alex credits Instagram to one of the leading factors contributing to increasing his fan base,

“I began to rope in a bigger fan base when I realised how powerful Instagram was and began to source better photographers and develop my own consistent themes in each range”.

Salty Reign epitomises summer style and truly reflects a Byron Bay vibe. Without a doubt, this label is a must-have in your wardrobe. With a range of designs to choose from, you are guaranteed to discover something that you love.

Alex is a real artistic chameleon in his ability to innovate so many unique designs. His latest range dropped just last month and hasn’t failed to impress. The latest look maintains its edgy summer vibe, while being super authentic.  It seems that Alex and Salty Reign never fail to create an absolute masterpiece. It is pretty cool that you can wear these pieces of art on your own backs, all while supporting Alex and his brand.

“The inspiration for my designs is almost the most reverse engineered way possible. I look at a lot of brands and which colour prints work with certain fabric colours and then begin to develop designs in my own style that would ‘pop’ on the certain tee.”

Salty Reign-Bow: Original and Edgy


Most of the support Alex gets is from Adelaidian’s who like to back this local boy, and it is no surprise that Salty Reign has such a large following as they continue to create standout clothes that not only look great, but are fantastic quality too.
“I’m boutique so I don’t let high volume production compromise quality and I sources Australia made materials”.
What more could you want, locally designed tees that are bloody rad too!
Continue to support this legend and grab yourself some sick clothes.
 You can find Salty Reign at:
The Street Workshop
Sussex St, Glenelg


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