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Words by Jemah Finn.

Pre-show nerves seemed non-existent in the boys from Dune Rats as they kicked back, beer in hand, awaiting to play their first show back on home soil after a massive international tour. It has been a big year for the Brisbane trio, and Friday night was no different.

The lads from the garage punk band are crazy – sculling shoeys, crowd surfing and a whole lot of weed can be expected from these Brisbane boys. But don’t dismiss these guys as just a bunch of stoners or another garage band – this three-piece embodies an undeniable positive attitude and are bursting at the seams with talent. There truly is a lot of ability hidden behind their wild ways. They have released one hit after another, toured the world, performed at festivals such as Splendour in the Grass and they receive rave reviews everywhere they go.

dunies rats
From Left: BC Michaels, Danny Beusa and Brett Jansch.

Danny Beusa (lead vocals and guitar), Brett Jansch (bass) and BC Michaels (drums and vocals) of the Dune Rats sat down with me to shed some light on their recent tour, 2016 album plans and to even reminisce about the infamous Splendour in the Grass streaker that accompanied them on stage. Slouched in the couches of Adelaide’s new establishment, Fat Controller, the boys were just as I had expected; relaxed guys who love to muck around and dribble shit… but who also have vivacious personalities and the have the ability to make bloody brilliant music! BC was celebrating 25 years on the planet, and the boys were delighted to be celebrating what Danny called “25 and still alive”. If the Dunies weren’t hypo enough, add into the equation a band member birthday and you’re guaranteed one heck of a party.


With drum and guitar sound-checks echoing in the background and the aroma of something natural drifting through the air, the boys began to chat with us. My initial question ideas were thrown out the window as the interview morphed into a casual and very loud chat. To put the interview into a block of text was tough, a room full of intoxicated band members shouting over the top of each other doesn’t make the translation easy! However, amongst the laughs (which pretty much made up the entire interview), I did managed to find out some interesting stuff from the legends!




You’re fresh back from a massive international tour, 3.5 months and 45 shows! How was it? Feeling good to be home?

Brett: Yeah, we got to go around the world with best friends and the greatest crew. I was fucking ruined when I got home though. It was really cold in LA when we were there, so it was fucking weird to be straight back in December and Christmas and the heat here in Australia.

What’s your following like overseas, are the fans just as crazy as here?

BC: We are huge overseas [laughs].

Brett: Nah, we just get whatever Australians are in whatever city we are in and they come, so it’s kind of like six people per night [laughs].

BC: Nah, when we play with Fidlar the crowds are sick as shit! We love Fidlar.

Brett: We played in Prague and it was fucking epic. That was the first gig of the European tour and it was epic. It was the weirdest because there were actually c**ts there and shit!

You played at Splendour this year too, it was a crazy set! When you’re writing songs are your intentions for the lives or iPods?

Danny: Lives or iPods? We probably write for the lives. If it was a multiple choice question, I would go A, the lives [laughs].

Your props at Splendour were mad as well, do you guys suggest things and Matty (manager) shuts it down, or do you all agree on your crazy ideas?

Brett: He never suggested a tiny dick get pranced across the stage, that was fucking hilarious. That was the best [laughs]. Well he (the naked stage invader) did try to do a mangina but it just came flopping out!

Danny: Nah he had a pretty alright dick I reckon, for a small guy. It was like half his body size [laughs].

So who wins, you guys or Matty?

BC: We all win! Everybody wins!

Speaking of your big ideas, 2016! What’s happening?

BC: Not much [laughs].

I don’t believe that for a second, I’ve seen your Facebook posts!

BC: Nah we are just trying to hype up 2016 so we get heaps of cash from Bookmans.

Brett: we just tell them we have an album and we don’t [laughs].

You’ve been working with Fidlar?

Danny: Yeah we’ve been working with Zac from Fidlar.

Brett: Yeah that’s right, we know Zac from Fidlar, and it’s kind of a big deal.

But seriously, is there an album on the way?

Danny: There is, there is!

Can you give us any dates?

Danny: Next year is a fucking big one.

Brett: [laughs] 2016 is the date.

BC: Yeah 2016!

What can we expect from the album?

Danny: Kind of the same thing, it’s been working so far.

With your red light green light music video, were you banned from Vietman?

BC: Well we had a gig booked there and then they reneged on it, so yeah.

Danny: that’s a bit of a euphemism hey [laughs].

Did you ever consider taking it down or were you like nah this is us?

BC: Some other manager before our new manager told us to take it down before we cross boarders into the US and we, ummm, well we didn’t.

dune rats red
OOPS: The music video that saw Dune Rats banned from Vietnam.


The most serious question of them all – you have a little YouTube series…

Brett: LITTLE?!

BC: Just our little fucking channel hey? [laughs].

The vibe I get is very Jackass meets Adventure Time, would you ever consider making a full length movie?

BC: That’s a serious question!

Brett: That’s a fucking sick question!

Yeah I want know! Jackass meets Adventure Time would sell and I want you guys to do it!

Brett: Yeah!

BC: For cash! Yeah I would do it for cash!

Brett: CASH! Cash! Cash!

BC: Cash. All about that cash!

Well that pretty much concludes the interview…

BC: signing off, verse chapter 6, verse 2 – Mick, Brett and Danny – over and out.


After chatting with the boys, they entered the stage of the Fat Controller to play an unforgettable set. Dunies were greeted by an audience who were practically swimming in sweat (thanks Adelaide for that refreshing 40ºc day!) and with just the distinct glare of lead singer Danny, the bodies that filled the moshpit began to unleash their inner punk rocker.

Happy birthday was sung like an anthem for BC which was followed by cake and of course a shoey -but unlike last time the Dune Rats were in town, BC managed to hold down the vomit. The barrier between stage and moshpit was buckling under the pressure of eager, sweaty fans and each song was accompanied with a bit of head banging and crowd surfing.

The Dune Rats did not disappoint, and I’m certain that the Adelaide music fans cannot wait for them to return!

Find the Dune Rats ‘little’ YouTube channel at

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