INTERVIEW: Dylan Goodearl

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By Jemah Finn.

You probably recognise him as Danny Dixon from Puberty Blues…but Dylan Goodearl is a lot more than the cute surfer from PB we all know and love. Dylan can now add fashion designer to his already extensive list of talents. Dylan recently shifted from acting to fashion design, with his latest endeavour being his very own line of clothing, Arka Vibes.

The cast of Puberty Blues
The cast of Puberty Blues

Dylan is a cool guy; he’s a lover of surfing, vinyl and nature and his clothing line really shines as the essence of Dylan’s core passions and beliefs. The Arka Vibes range epitomises cool, and really echoes the roots of the Australian surfing scene. With inspirations from the raw beauty of nature, the Arka Vibes range is fresh, unique and definitely a must have for your summer wardrobe.

The word arka means
The word arka means “pulses of radiant sunlight”

Even better, all of the Arka Vibes designs and dyes have been handcrafted locally in Manly, Australia which embraces Dylan’s overarching belief of supporting the local community.

Arka Vibes: White Absolem Crop

Dylan has been a really busy man with the recent launch of his spring/summer collection, including the Arka Tribal tees range. Despite his hectic schedule, Dylan still made time to answer a few questions about everything from Arka Vibes to his time on Puberty Blues!

“I really loved the whole concept of traveling back in time”

Can you please tell us a bit about your brand? What inspires Arka Vibes?

Arka Vibes is a label I started up in November last year (2014) The word Arka is derived from the word sunlight in Egyptian. I choose the word because I wanted to create a label that was to be enjoyed by people outdoors in sunshine. Also, the sun holds this amazing energy that powers all beings and I wanted a label that  exercised these sentiments through connection, joy, energy and creativity. Arka is and will be continued to be inspired by design by subtraction, nature and individualism.
Where did the idea for Arka Vibes come from?
I’ve always been a creator and more specifically a drawer, and have always wanted to get a drawing of mine onto a shirt. So last year I put my mind to it and one thing led to another and the idea snowballed into a small label. What excites me most, is that since the birth of my small label I have been pushed creatively more than ever and have been exposed to so many other facets of creation that were shadowed before the project. Also, the people I’ve met through my workings have been so amazing and I’m so thankful for that.
You were in Puberty Blues, what was that like?
Puberty Blues was so much fun. It hardly felt like working as when on set you would be surrounded by the most amazing cast and crew. I really loved the whole concept of traveling back in time to replicate a culture that was so raw, and to see it come to life under the direction of Glendyn and Emma (directors) was pretty magical.
Prior to Puberty Blues i had zero acting experience what was a huge challenge for me being thrown into the deep end, having to act out raunchy sex scenes and calling girls “moles” on national TV. I’m not the one to shy away from a challenge and it is definitely an experience that exhilarates me as I reminisce back to some of my first scenes.
Overall though, PB was such an amazing experience.
Do you have a favourite memory from being a part of the series?
Ah so many golden moments. But I think if I had too choose one it would be during the scene of the paddle out for Darren. When a massive pod of dolphins filled the water in the paddle out circle and splashed in the water.
Acting or Arka Vibes? What would you choose?
Acting or designing/ directing…. As long as I keep on creating I’ll have a smile on my face.
What is next for Dylan Goodearl and Arka Vibes?
I’ve always had troubles knowing for sure where the future will take me or even where I want the future to take me. I just seem to go with it living and loving as life comes. All I know is that right now I have some major travel ambitions and places that are waiting to be seen.
Down to Earth, vibrant and extremely gifted, Dylan Goodearl is a man to keep your eye on. It will be interesting to see what is next in store for this Aussie guy!
Shop Arka Vibes:
Instagram: @arka_vibes
images: supplied

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